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In my relaxing time 1, Hear complaining by customer 2, In the middle of my work 3, Working overdose 4, When all my work was done 5, Nothing i can do 6, On time schedule 7, Pay day time 8, Do something awful with my job 9, Working under pressure 10, Stress end depress 11, All work being canceled 12, Problem never end 131, No one help 14, Hmm.. let it be 15, No one understand me 16, On top of the world 17, Must pay some debt 18, Desperate man 19, No holliday for this year 20



  1. HaHa~~ So cute!!!
    Umm.. I’d like to copycat these act. ;p

  2. hehe.. it really happend to me with my work!!

  3. hey, dude. where did you get all these animations? been looking for it since. nice place you got here:-)

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